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Learn more about Domain Name
What is Domain Name?
Domain Name (Internet Domain Name) also called hostname, a name for a computer in the internet. The name are obtained from the DNS ( Domain Name System), a repository which kept all the domain names.

Why Domain Name is needed?
During the old times, before the Domain Name System were implemented, Computer are named in Address based, we called it IP address. IP address is represented in numbers XXX . XXX . XXX . XXX together with a class A, B,C as i know. The number of each dot  are range from 0 to 254. Because of the address is not easy to remember and it purposed is for the computer to talk to each other, so Domain Name System were implemented. Instead of calling, we can call it as When your computer's internet browser or an email client call the, the computer which connected to the internet will call the DNS to resolves the IP address, then the computer will get the IP and do his job. To know more please goto

Domain Name is not Email Address
Domain Name is not an email address, but email address consists apart of Domain Name. example like: belongs to So, start from today onwards, you will not confused again.

Why  .com or .cc or .tv, i am confused?

There are plenty of DNS registrar in the world, as i know .com is the oldest and the first for commercialized. Because of to many request of Domain Names, other types of domain like .cc .tv are to cover the demand from the public. Soon, country based domain were also implemented for commercialize purpose.